The fourth time’s a charm!

I started running again on May 17 of 2010. I had been trying on and off for the better part of the last 16 years to get back into running but injuries had sidelined me early on in the process time and time again — until this time. This time, I took things very, very slowly. I started with the Couch to 5k program, even though I wasn’t “on the couch” and I put in a freakish amount of effort into managing and working through the injuries that have popped up over the last year.

I started running on a 3-day per week schedule and I didn’t allow myself to add a 4th day until a few months ago and, even when I did, I had to bump myself back down to a 3-day schedule twice. As running 4 days each week demands two consecutive days of running at some point in the week, my body wasn’t quite ready for the additional punishment so it took two or three months for my body to adapt. It seems though that, once my body did finally make the adjustment, the result was better than I had hoped.

Two weeks ago, as I’d like to fit a half in before too long, I decided to move up to a 5-day schedule, which requires at least 3 consecutive running days. My body handled it with ease — no problems, no pain. This week, I decided to go 4 days in a row, the last one of the 4 being today. And, no problems, no pain!

There are quite a few other reasons why I wanted to move to a 5-day schedule but it’s past midnight right now and I have absolutely no idea how to position my reasoning without sounding like an obsessive compulsive hypochondriac. So, those reasons will have to wait for another entry when I’m a bit more awake. Until then, stay tuned and keep running.

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