Paying it forward

A few weeks ago, ran a story of a man, Tony Posnanski, who lost an amazing 200 pounds by changing his diet. Oddly, he didn’t do Atkins or Weight Watchers and he didn’t use the new Twinkie diet — he did it by moving around more, eating foods quality foods and watching his portion sizes. So basically, he ate wisely, exercised and he’s now living his life at a healthy weight, whooda thunkit?

Anyone who’s known me for any length of time will testify that I’m all about researching fitness and food — I dig finding new things to eat that are good and good for you and I love exercising. Like so many though, my portion sizes can swell a bit too much and I really like my single malt and Martinis before bed. In other words, I’m a hypocrite. In my not so humble opinion, I probably know more than most about how to eat and how to exercise, yet following the lifestyle can be pretty challenging. I come up with all kinds of excuses to eat like future Biggest Loser contestant: we’re too busy to make dinner tonight; my stomach doesn’t feel quite full enough so I’ll have just “a little more”; I don’t feel like toast and hummus today so I’ll grab a breakfast sandwich at the cafeteria, and the list goes on. I suspect many of us can tell similar tales.

I really dig reading blogs like Caitlin Boyle’s Healthy Tipping Point — she’s rabid when it comes to updating her site and she does an excellent job of documenting the foods that she puts into her body (and no, I’ve never met, spoken with or in any way corresponded with Caitlin) . Reading blog sites like hers not only gives me ideas on healthy meals to eat but it provides loose guidelines for portion sizes. I also love reading about guys like Tony Posnanski who have been in far worse shape than I’ve ever been but who have somehow developed the discipline to reach their goals. I find that people like Caitlin and Tony motivate me to keep moving forward and give me energy to continue looking for healthy meal options when I’m tempted to compromise my diet. So, to Caitlin and Tony, I say keep it up, there’s at least one person out here in the blogosphere whom you’re encouraging.

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